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Water supply systems (WSS) are large-scale systems that abstract, treat and transport water over vast geographical areas to consumers being crucial a safe and efficient operation of these systems. These systems leads to significant environmental impacts due to huge amount of energy consumed, GHG emissions, and water leakages. Current control systems are designed to deliver water not to provide water efficiently. Besides that, water networks operation and management still relies on the utilities accumulated experience, which made arise a question “if the water supply systems are most of the times inefficient, why aren’t utilities already implementing advanced approaches such as the ones being proposed in LIFE SWSS?”.

Therefore, LIFE SWSS project emerged from the following project drivers:

-Energy Intensive consumption of WSS and respective EU targets for 2020 (EU Energy Climate Package, known as 20-20-20 targets”.
-Water losses (Leakage) – Common problem in water supply systems, undermining water-resource efficiency, and related to Flagship initiative of the Europe 2020 Strategy and Water Framework Directive (WFD).
-Difficulty in taking the Step Forward – As strongly emphasized in The Economist, Special Report on Smart Systems (4/11/2010) “… today water distribution systems are still essentially networks of dumb pipes.”

To solve these common issues, is missing to water utilities and their supply chain an integrated platform
that will enable efficient operational management and decision support (SWSS platform).

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4th LIFE SWSS Workshop

The 4th LIFE SWSS workshop…

4th Stakeholder Exchange Forum

The 4th SEF took place…

3rd Stakeholder Exchange Forum

The third SEF was held…



Published on 10 December 2018

LIFE SWSS was present at the Closure Event of the "Projeto de Capacitação…

LIFE SWSS at the ICT2019 conference

Published on 10 December 2018

LIFE SWSS was present at the ICT4 Water Cluster booth at the ICT2019…

LIFE SWSS at the “Jornadas de Manutenção 2018”

Published on 30 November 2018

João Ribau (ISQ) participated at the “Jornadas de Manutenção 2018” organised by APMI…

LIFE SWSS at the Innovation Pathway’18

Published on 30 September 2018

On 26th of September Águas do Tejo Atlântico (AdTA) hosted the second edition…

LIFE SWSS at the WatefCon 2018

Published on 10 September 2018

João Ribau (ISQ) participated at the “WatefCon 2018: Future of Water in Europe”,…

LIFE SWSS at the 4th Int. Congress of Water, Waste, and Energy Management 2018

Published on 25 July 2018

João Ribau (ISQ) participated at the 4th International Congress of Water, Waste, and…

LIFE SWSS at the workshop organized by ICT4Water

Published on 18 July 2018

Following its accession to the ICT4Water cluster, LIFE SWSS was invited to participate…

LIFE SWSS becomes a member of the ICT4Water cluster

Published on 18 June 2018

Project LIFE SWSS joined the ICT4Water Cluster.  The ICT4WATER cluster is a "hub" for…

LIFE SWSS at the seminar “Portugal a Circular”

Published on 19 May 2018

João Ribau (ISQ) participated at the seminar “Portugal a Circular” organised by APEMETA…

4th SEF

Published on 23 March 2018

The 4th Stakeholders Exchange Forum (SEF) was held on March 23, 2018. The…



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