4th Stakeholder Exchange Forum

Published on 23 March 2018

The 4th SEF took place at IST, Lisbon, on 23 March 2018. Several stakeholders from different water related entities were invited and we had 38 participants. For this SEF we invited people working on projects dealing with some of the issues that we are tackling in LIFE SWSS. Following the presentations, a discussion forum took place where the following topics were addressed:

  1. SWSS Platform – General opinion on the SWSS platform (strengths and weaknesses). Benefits / utility for managing entities. Other data / metrics to include. Possible difficulties in its implementation in other managing entities (data security).
  2. Data Aggregation Platforms – The ideal platform. Form and contents. Information to be made available, databases to be added (e.g. GIS, billing, Quality Assurance), tools to be made available (modelling, water / energy balance).
  3. Water Losses and Energy Efficiency in Supply Systems – Identification of the current concerns of management entities and priority action problems. Identification of aspects that need R&D within the urban water cycle.

Programa 4º SEF


O projeto Life SWSS -Marco Estrela (ISQ)

A plataforma SWSS -Pedro Galvão (Hidromod)

I&D em perdas e eficiência energética -Dália Loureiro (LNEC)

A experiência da AGS: Projetos colaborativos -Rita Almeida (AGS)

Perdas e eficiência energética na Águas do Sado -Catarina Sousa (AdSado)