2nd Stakeholder Exchange Forum

Published on 15 March 2017

The second SEF was held on 15 March 2017 at Castelo Branco (EPAL’s Centre system). Several stakeholders from different water related entities were invited and we had 20 participants. It was held in the afternoon, after the LIFE SWSS workshop so that participants in the SEF could first have information about the project and its developments. The theme for the SEF was “Operational management of water supply systems” and the following topics were discussed:
1. The importance of modelling in supporting the operational management.
2. Barriers to the adoption of energy efficiency measures in water supply systems;
3. Assessment of water losses in adduction systems.
Participants were divided in 3 tables, each one dedicated to one of the topics. After some time of discussions, the main conclusions were shared to all.
The feedback we have received from both SEFs were very positive. Having people from different institutions, with sometimes different visions of the problems, discussing the same topics resulted in very interesting inputs to the project.